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Tax Administrative Proceeding

•  The firm works in defense of its clients face of incorrectly released matters (assessments tax and NFLD) or nonexistent billings warnings using tax administrative proceedings. The law firm Castro Barcellos Advogados practice especially at federal level. It develops: administrative impeachment, volunteer appeal to taxpayer council and special appeal to Superior Board of tax appeals, when possible. There is a firm’s commitment to perform oral argumentation, at the taxpayer council, in every one of the appeals submitted to it.

•  Unconformity manifestations (compensations), preparation of refund and compensation administrative applications, as well as monitoring administrative review appeals to debts entries in outstanding debt.

•  Tax counseling about tax legislation interpretation (Act 70.235/72, Rule 9.430/96) before CONSIT and Brazilian Federal Revenue Regional Superintendence, as well as counseling about goods’ tax types (TIPI e TEC).

•  Administrative defense before COVAL (Customs valuation Committee) at Federal Revenue.

•  Monitoring and supporting to its clients in tax inspections and investigations.

•  Obtaining clearance certificate debts (CND) or certificate of positive debts with effects as negative it was (CPEND), being this last one practice in compound with tax litigation management work group.

Tax Services

CASTRO BARCELLOS ADVOGADOS has among its team lawyers with additional expertise at economic or accounting fields, experts on tax legislation from reputed tax counseling abroad and inland companies.

The firm offers the following services:
•  Review the criteria for composition of direct and indirect taxes calculation bases
•  Tax restructuring with compliance and full obedience to legislation
•  Review of accessory obligations
•  Legal assessment preparation
•  Special tax policies
•  Special customs policies – Drawback and Temporary Admission
•  Transfer Price

Tax Litigation Management

In Tax Litigation Management, the firm makes the defense of the clients’ interests in face of the institution and improper taxes collecting. The legal practice covers the defense against legislature acts about order issues contrary to the tax constitutional system and legislation, as well as irregulars or illegal measures by government administration institution charged to collect these taxes.

Clients’ defense before tax foreclosure proceedings.