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CASTRO BARCELLOS ADVOGADOS has a strong practice on Supplementary Pension area, defending Opened and Closed Entities.

It has a skilled team, a operational and organizational structure to provide counseling and legal litigation assistance at the Supplementary Pension field all over the country.

The firm has in its portfolio respectable clients, which are important references in the Opened and Closed Entities area, in different levels of structure and dimension.

The firm shows great success rates, particularly defending Opened and Closed Supplementary Pension Entities on lawsuits through judiciary courts. There is constantly work to upgrade and develop arguments to clients claims by the team, as well as regular monitoring of matters before courts.

Concerning counseling and preventing services, the firm counts on a multidisciplinary team support, based on lawyers, actuary, economist with expertise in investments and accountant with expertise in tax legislation.

Within this outlook, CASTRO BARCELLOS ADVOGADOS offers the following services in the Supplementary Pension field:
•  Practice of legal claims at all levels of the judicial courts
•  Preventive and supporting work to adjust entities in to based on risk management (GBR) and corporate compliance policies implement, according regulatory requirements, made from its own system; as well as recommendations, particularly about reference model AS/NZS 4360
•  Preventive and judicial assistance on tax legislation for Supplementary Pension Fund, including accessory obligations
•  Practice on administrative proceedings, as well as monitoring inspections, before regulatory entities PREVIC and SUSEP
•  Assistance and support in legal claims to Deliberative Councils (CD) and Audit Committee (CF)
•  Legal counseling on investments policies decisions, particularly at the supplementary pension field
•  Interdisciplinary practice focusing on participants’ registration and pension liabilities management, in general, aiming to maintain benefit plans’ actuarial balance.