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Castro Barcellos Advogados has in its fields of expertise the litigation management in two different areas: Labor and Civil.

Labor Field:

Labor Law: With a strong practice on labor litigation management, defending business groups, large and middle-market companies; the firm offers to its clients services at all levels in Labor Courts.

The firm’s labor department has co-work teams divided into groups that are assigned to assist a particular client. Each client can count on its particular work group; consequently, there is a great approach and loyalty on the service, which becomes customized.

The customized clients’ service is one of the firm’s missions, fact that makes habit regular visits from the attorneys of each work groups to their clients’ manufacturing and administrative facilities, building a foundation to our client-oriented firm.

The work group from the labor department is formed by paralegals leaded by lawyers, specifically aimed to do risk analysis and procedurals’ reports.

The case files are fully converted to digital form, being available to clients through firm’s procedural management operation system, increasing transparence of CASTRO BARCELLOS ADVOGADOS daily activities.

Additionally, the labor groups do counseling on:
•  Development of legal analysis
•  Human Resources Management
•  Analysis of labor liabilities
•  Collective employment agreements

Civil Field:

Civil Law: In the same way, the civil litigation management department is divided in work groups that are assigned to assist a particular client.

The civil work group has the responsibility doing its clients preventive and reactive legal matters. The lawsuits embrace a variety of business and corporate law fields.

In this department, it is important to highlight the intense and permanent dedication from the firm’s partners on clients’ significant cases.

The civil litigation management team conduces lawsuits on strategic branches of business law, such as:
•  Supplementary Pension Fund Law
•  Corporate and Business Law
•  Costumer Affairs
•  Contract Law